Penang: Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant

When we were planning a trip to Penang, we sought the help of our friend who happens to be the food editor of a Malaysian newspaper and also a food blogger. She emailed us a long list and this happens to be in the list.

Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant is one of Penang’s remaining old school Hainanese eateries.  If you are into some old school, very homely and nostalgic food, this is the place to visit. According to TimeOut Penang has been around since 1941!

We were staying in Georgetown so we could actually walk here. Thanks to our trusty mobile phones with data plans, we walked around like locals that’s familiar with the roads here.

Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant, Penang

It’s not too difficult to find this place. Just look for this sign!
Most buildings in Georgetown are now very clean, most have been repainted.

Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant, Penang

There were four of us, and I thought when I was young, there’s usually a ‘spare’ cup? Anyone knows what’s the spare cup for?

Anyway, it’s been a long time since I washed my cups in a metal container with hot water.

Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant, Penang

This teapot must have served thousands of customers for its life time eh?

The place can be quite packed. We were there at the right time as there was an empty table for us just as we arrived. We got seated and a man came with a pieces of metal to turn the square table into a bigger round table. Like magic! You will know what I mean when you dine here.

Guess what? There’s no menu here!  A middle aged man came to ask us what we want to eat and suggested a few items that we should try.

(We also pretend we don’t know anything and let the staff of a place recommend things to eat)

Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant, Penang

The Pomfret Gulai Tumis is one dish they are famous for. Something you should try if you can take spicy food.

Gulai is what Penang folks call Curry. The sourness and spiciness is very addictive. I can guarantee that you can wallop up a whole plate of rice with just this dish alone.

Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant, Penang

When a list of vegetables was listed out when we were ordering, we heard bitter gourd and said that’s it. We want bitter gourd.

A simple yet delicious stir fry vegetable dish.

Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant, Penang

We saw the next table eating this and we said we want the same thing. It’s lean pork stir fried with sweet black sauce. It doesn’t look very appetising because it’s so black, wait till you try it! You will want more of it! It’s salty, sweetish and peppery.  I think it’s something that many grandmas from different dialect groups prepare, not only Hainanese.

Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant, Penang

Probably we are a bit of a glutton, we wondered why we were not recommended the Hainanese Pork Chops. So in case we regret it after we leave the place, we placed an order for it as well. We are glad we did.

Nicely flattened deep fried with egg coating, it also comes with pieces of fried potatoes. It’s then topped with brown gravy that’s not very orange in colour like how we normally eat in Singapore. It’s tomato-ish but not that much. A nice change and something we wallop all up!

Looking at this photo now, I remember my maternal granny having that plate!

I can’t remember the prices, but it was a reasonably priced.
Even cheaper if we convert it to Singapore Dollars.


Shing Kheang Aun Restaurant

2, Lorong Chulia, George Town, 10200 Pulau Pinang.
Or you will see it in English: 2 Chulia Lane, George Town, 10200 Penang.

Telephone: +604 261 4786
Hours: Daily, 11am–2.30pm, 5pm–8.30pm; closed on alternate Mondays.

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