Emirates Food: Low Cholesterol / Low Fat Food (SIN-DXB)

For the fun of it, we wanted to find out how the Low Cholesterol / Low Fat Food on Emirates tastes. If you have searched for this page, you probably would be too.

This was from Singapore to Dubai flight, EK349 on the Boeing 777-300ER in March 2013.

The Economy Class Dinner Service:

Emirates Low Cholesterol / Low Fat Meal (SIN-DXB)

As expected, the food was served earlier. The crew was just so busy serving the meals.
Probably for this flight, a lot of folks requested for special meals.
Instead of butter, there was canola spread instead.

Emirates Low Cholesterol / Low Fat Meal (SIN-DXB)

Can’t missed it!

Emirates Low Cholesterol / Low Fat Meal (SIN-DXB)

This meal was the wife’s. She was surprisingly quite happy to eat it because that’s how she boils veggies in the evening when she needs to add some fiber and vitamins to her diet. The thing about women eating light stuff to maintain their weight 1 or 2 times a week.

Carrots, broccoli, yellow capcicum and french beans.
The chicken was steamed and some tomato salsa over it. The salsa was surprisingly tasty.

Emirates Low Cholesterol / Low Fat Meal (SIN-DXB)

The side dish was even more tasty and the wife’s very happy with it.
It’s mushroom salad. It has 1 cherry tomato and 2 short stick of asparagus. I tried it and mushroom was nicely sautéed!

Emirates Low Cholesterol / Low Fat Meal (SIN-DXB)

The fruit was regular fruits that other passengers ate.
It was watermelon, pineapple and dragonfruit. 


The Economy Class Breakfast Service:

Emirates Low Cholesterol / Low Fat Meal (SIN-DXB)

The low cholesterol / low fat breakfast service.
Butter as usual had been replaced with canola spread.

Emirates Low Cholesterol / Low Fat Meal (SIN-DXB)

When we opened it, we were surprised that there’s poached eggs in it.
Don’t expect flowing egg yolk. This is economy class.

Broccoli is more ‘cooked’ for breakfast. Mushrooms looks like the ones from cans.

Emirates Low Cholesterol / Low Fat Meal (SIN-DXB)

Instead of another low fat sidedish, 2 portions of fruits were served instead.


Verdict: For the flight that originates from Singapore, the Low Fat / Low Cholesterol food is quite tasty. You can safely order it when you book your flight. It’s for folks who wants something light and clean looking meal. It has lots of vegetables that are still in form!

The breakfast does not seem as nice as the dinner service though. You can get some breakfast at Dubai Airport. So be patient if you don’t like their breakfast. 

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    Thanks for the super helpful post! I was thinking about being adventurous on my next flight on Emirates from Perth to Istanbul. Your pictures certainly helped me to make my decision!

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