Wifi on Emirates A380 flights.

Update, Nov 2014: From this press release by Emirates, (link here) it seems that Emirates might soon have Free Wifi on board! Hooray!

Emirates Free Wifi




The airplanes I take usually do not have wifi, so as a techie, I was quite excited that on the Emirates Airbus A380 flight I took recently from Dubai to Paris recently had wifi on it.

As an Instagram and Facebook addict, I was very excited. The long flight can be spent doing something I like which the wife thinks I am too addicted and frowns on.

The week before the flight I downloaded programs to track how much data I would use while I Instagram daily. I think it can last me the whole flight if I don’t keep scrolling photos after photos on Instagram. Maybe posting a few photos and posting updates on Facebook.

The first leg of my flight from Singapore to Dubai was on the Boeing 777-300ER, so that plane did not have wifi on it.

The second leg from Dubai to Paris was on the Airbus A380-800. All the Emirates A380 has now been fitted with wifi.

When you board the plane, the SSID is already available, but there’s no connection anywhere.
It will only be turned on around 10-15 minutes after we are in the air. They will make an announcement that wifi services are available.

This screen shot was captured while I was still on land in the plane, while I am still connected to du.

Wifi on Emirates

Job hazard, for techies who wants to know what’s the DNS and IP Address.
It’s not as if I can help anyone solve their problem on board. LOL!

Wifi on Emirates

The welcome screen.

Wifi on Emirates

This is what everyone is interested in. The pricing!
It seems Emirates has priced it quite reasonably!

Before the flight, I read that it’s USD20 for 100 MB, so I wondered where’s this package that I wanted? (Scroll to the end for the answer)

I was testing what 100MB would have lasted the days before I boarded the plane.

Wifi on Emirates

They had the option to allow you to stop access when you reach your allowance or continue to charge you.

Wifi on Emirates

Create an userid to start!

Wifi on Emirates

Surprisingly, the transaction was quite fast!

Wifi on Emirates

There! The addict paid USD10 for 30MB of data on board!

Wifi on Emirates

There’s this screen that I kept open on the browser on my iPhone to check once in a while how much data I have used.

Since it’s Wifi (and not 3G or 4G), your smartphone does updates now and then. (Eg uploading photos to photostream, download emails, check for apps update etc) To be doubly sure your precious data won’t be wasted, disconnect when you are not using it while on the flight.

Enable again when you are ready to surf.

Wifi on Emirates

Click on connect and I was instagramming and facebooking on the flight!
Yes, some friends did reply and I could reply up in the air too.

Most of the time, we were ‘whatsapping’ with family and friends in Asia and Europe.
It works quite well, and it’s reasonably fast too!

Wifi on Emirates

Guess what? I did not finish using the data. There’s the eating time, sleeping time, and you don’t really finish using if you are careful in your usage. OK, I posted a photos of our meals from the plane!

Some photos that I posted from the plane using satellite signals connected to the Emirates A380 wifi.

Instagram inside the airplane. I must be addicted.

Ya, people say it’s boasting. A techie thinks that it’s amazing how the mechanism behind it works!

And it's yummy.... The wife's food.

Another photo. We did unusual things like ordering low cholesterol and low fat meals before the flight.
The food turns out very good!

Techies like to do speedtest, ping etc.
But no, I did not do these onboard. Not going to waste my money!

There is mobile roaming on the plane too, but I can’t seem to find the provider Aeromobile online.
It’s very expensive! My provider (Starhub) will charge me SGD8.50 per minute for incoming call!
Calling someone in Singapore will cost me USD4.28 a minute.
SMS is USD0.95 per SMS. It’s better to use the wifi and whatsapp.

Wifi on Emirates

On the return trip back. I had my Macbook Air with me, and I tried to log in.
I wanted to know if I could still use my leftover minutes, but I forgot my ID and password!

Wifi on Emirates

Aha! Now I know where the 100MB for USD20 is from. Only when you access it via your notebooks!
Now I wonder, if you can purchase the 100MB for USD20 and use it on your phones.
It’s much better value than 30MB for USD10 ya?

You know how when we travel on land, our reception keeps breaking now and then?
It’s quite amazing how the plane that was flying at over 900km/h can maintain the connection!

I read online that when you are flying over certain countries where their civil aviation authorities doesn’t allow it, the internet will be cut off. From Dubai to Paris, it seems OK for me. I probably slept through those countries.

Charges summary: On mobiles On notebooks
5 MB of access USD2.75  –
30 MB of access USD10.00  –
15 MB of access  – USD7.50
100 MB of access  – USD20.00


This post is for those who wanted to find out about the costs of the internet via Wifi on board Emirates Flights. Info current as of March 2013.

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  1. Hasan says:

    Hi. Thank you so much for all these useful information.I am an internet addict and I was wondering can you buy a plan and use it for both iphone and Ipad?

  2. keropok says:

    You probably have to ask Emirates 😉

  3. Christiaan Faber says:

    Thanks for all the info. You can’t get much info on Emirates’ site.
    I would like to know if the left over data is lost or will I be able to log into my account on my return flight to use the remainder?

  4. keropok says:

    Hi Christiaan,

    Mine gone to waste because I could not remember by ID on the return flight. So I can’t help you on this. Sorry..

  5. manu says:

    Hi ,
    Thanks so much for all details. I am gonna take tomorrow a380 from Mauritiis t Dubai. I was really interesred how it will work . Thanks f info
    However , imho, ths services should b free

  6. Bernie woods says:

    Hi I just tried this service on route from brisbane to daubi and found it great. Tried to login on our next flight daubi to Amsterdam but it would not recognise my login do I have to create a new profile each flight or can I just login and buy a package each flight
    Just curious as it was far more convenient than waiting to land and then contact home.
    We are a couple in our 70’s

  7. Amir says:

    The plan u buy will last u for 24 hours, and then it expires so you’re forced to buy a new plan on your return flight. Still worth it though, being entertained for 20 bucks!

  8. Ali says:

    @keopok thanks for the info. Well I have another solution. We can connect 1 device like I have samsung note 3 to the emirates on air wifi then create a wifi hotspot (the device has a feature on it) then make other devices connect to it as well. Pretty sure that should work. I am flying on the 27th from DXB will let you know my findings.

  9. keropok says:

    Hi Ali,

    You could try and let everyone else here know.

    I have an Android device, but what you suggest might not work. It’s either Wifi or Tethering. You can’t have both at the same time. If you managed to do it, it will be good!

    Have a good flight!

  10. Mohammed says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m going to Dubai in 10 days from Toronto.

    Btw, Turkish Airlines have WiFi on some planes FOR FREE!!
    Took it from Toronto to Istanbul and the return flight as well.

    Thanks a gain bro.

  11. Noor says:


    Thank you so much for this information. I really do appreciate how thorough you were and how you walked us through each screen. I’m flying to Toronto tomorrow from Dubai and I’ve been excited to use wifi ‘in air’. I usually get bored on flights and can’t sleep either so this will be a good distraction, although I think 100 MB might not be enough. Either way, thanks and happy wifi-ying 🙂

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