Paris: Ladurée @ Champs-Élysées

What do you do when you visit Paris?
– Visit the famous Eiffel Tower or La Tour Eiffel as they call it in Paris.
– Sneak a peak at Monalisa at the Lourve.
– Walk and window shop along Champs-Élysées. We can only window shop, we can’t afford to shop there.

While you are walking on Champs-Élysées, you can’t possibly miss Ladurée. The famous luxury cakes and pastry shop.

Ladurée @ Champs-Élysées

Look at the lady in the next photo! She looks so ecstatic. Did she finally found Ladurée?
(ahem! or did she notice me?)

Ladurée @ Champs-Élysées

People always say people in Singapore are ‘kiasu’, well, they have not seen the Europeans beside us!
The table next to us were 2 ladies in the forties each with their husband. I guess they are most probably French but from outside Paris. (I can understand a tiny little bit of French)

They saw these paper liners for the table and guess what they did? The ladies rolled them up and said I am bringing them home! They happen to sit at a corner which had a round table. To cover the round table, they had 4 pieces of the paper liners to cover it completely. After the ladies rolled up two pieces, they spread the other 2 to cover the table pretending nothing happened. The table around looked at them, and everyone just smiled.


My sis and I were only interested in desserts and cakes here. So we just ordered desserts and cakes!
First, we had the 4 mini macrons au choix.
We did not order the ‘original’ size ones. Come to think of it, we should have!

Ladurée Macaron

Aren’t they absolute darlings? Probably have to bring Momo here one day!

Ladurée Macaron

I was taking photos and sis said, now, offer these to your readers!

Ladurée Macaron

Each macaron was absolutely mesmerizing. Taking a bite and let the macron shells and the creamy ganache or jam melt in your mouth. We are not very good ‘cutters’. We were trying to cut so each of us can take half of it.

Ladurée Macaron

Next, we ordered the luscious Carre Chocolat. What’s that? It’s dark chocolate macaron biscuit, dark chocolate crispy thin leaves, dark chocolate smooth cream, dark chocolate soft biscuit and chocolate zabaglione mousse.

A mouthful just to describe them. But putting it in your mouth brings joy – jubilance, obsession, yummy!


We were not going to stop at just two desserts. The tables around us, everyone was being polite by just having macarons and a drink. We seemed like gluttons! (or we were thinking silently, thank God the SGD to EUR is only 1.7 for this trip!)

We had the Millefeuille Praline. In Singapore, we have ‘gao teng ker’ (9 layer cakes) and also Kueh Lapis. Well, the French have Millefeuille. (translated as Million leaves)

Ah… caramelized puff pastry, praline cream, almond praline and crispy hazelnuts. Oh gosh! Every mouth brings delight!
It’s really sweet, but it’s really good too!


Sis had hot Green Tea to go with her desserts.

Ladurée Tea

I ordered the Ice Chocolate with Cream. Wrong decision! It was a slightly chilly afternoon and we were sitting at the Al Fresco area. (What we called ‘hiao hiao’ in Singapore – joining everyone else sitting open air, people spotting) Drinking the ice chocolate was way too cold to be comfortable!

Ice Chocolate with Cream

It was lovely. Absolutely lovely indeed!

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  1. ciki says:

    i was gonna say, how come ur sis bites the macaron to such perfection ar.. then i read the comment that you guys tried to cut it LOL

    great post! am totally in awe of their macaron! xoxo

  2. keropokman says:

    hi ciki

    I was going to answer… because she wears braces. she has absolutely straight and nice teeth. LOL

    their macarons are nice! U should try it when you drop by Paris!

  3. Edmund says:

    Oh wow…they look delicious!

    I am hungry already! 🙂

  4. tuby says:

    parisians eat their macarones with fork and knife !!!

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