London: Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food

London Trip photos : Oct 2008

Oh! The things we do just to try out food. Airlines with newer planes like Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas etc, does not fly from the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow. Only British Airways flights depart from Terminal 5.

Guess what we did? We booked our Qantas plane tickets to fly from Heathrow to Frankfurt on BA, then change back to Qantas for our Frankfurt – Singapore flight. (Surprisingly, our tickets became cheaper because of this too!)

We did the above so that we could step into Terminal 5 and get a change to eat at Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food. After taking off your shoes, going through the metal detectors, all your hand luggage x-rayed, you walk into a beautiful terminal. 5 steps into it, this greeted us. Well, it was not hard to find isn’t it?

Walking nearer, we see this glass panel which is the entrance into Plane Food. (It’s beside Harrod’s)

Despite mix reviews on many online sites, this place’s not empty.

That’s the bar counter. It seems no one likes to sit there 🙂

For our drinks, J had cranberry juice.

I had coke, because I was feeling sleepy.

Still water served was Evian.

J ordered “Gratinated macaroni with wild mushrooms, herbs and parmesan”. J liked her macaroni. I tried some of hers too. It was quite delicious, very flavourful. I ate (or stole) quite a lot of her mushrooms.

J and I shared a starter. We had a large size starter.
It was duck with watercress and sprouts. How shall I describe it? If you have tried fried Salmon Skin in Japanese restaurants in Singapore, it has that texture. The crispy duck’s then topped with light and tangy sweetish and sourish sauce. Mixing it with the watercress and bean sprouts, it taste wonderful. We finish the whole thing and we kinda wanted more. You won’t feel satiated eating this. (for the rich macaroni above you will 🙂 )

I ordered the “Roast beef, tomato and horseradish on toasted sourdough with foie gras and green beans”. There was generous amount of beef. 3/4 doneness.

(Oh no, I just notice this photo captured something blue on the sandwich, did I eat that in?)

The whole sandwich. The tiny bits of foie gras was tasty. I like the sandwich very much, but J who had too much bread of all sorts in the last 2 weeks think it’s ok only.

Well, if you want to know what other food they serve, just surf over to:

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  1. Alicia says:

    The sandwich does look very good. I like how the bread is nicely toasted. 🙂

  2. keropok says:


    Yeah, it was good.

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