Malaga: Breakfast with a view.

20 October 2008. We arrived in Malaga, Spain on British Airways Flight BA 2718 from London. The flight touched down around midnight at the Malaga International Airport and we took a cab to our hotel 20 mins away. The hotel (Sunset Beach Club) is located at Benalmádena Costa, Costa del Sol.

We were greeted with nice and warm weather in Malaga. We were freezing and very miserable in London. The 18 – 25 Celcius weather in Malaga made us feel right at home. (Ya, in Malaysia and Singapore, our shopping malls and offices are always around 23 Celcius degrees.)

We did not really plan what we were going to do in Malaga. We were so busy with our sis’ wedding, we thought we will just open up the Lonely Planet and Time Out Andalucia we borrowed from NLB when we reached Malaga.

When we woke up a few hours later, our stomachs growled and we needed breakfast. It’s a service apartment kind of hotel and it had a mini mart at the basement. The first thing I saw when I went into the Mini Mart was Lay’s Jamón Chips. Never mind it’s just Jamón flavoured crisp. I am eating it. Grabbed a bag!

Lay's Jamon Crisp

See the word SIN on it? Yes, it’s sinful. But very nice. Even dad who don’t usually eat crisp think it’s not bad. Oh yes, it’s really salty!

Lay's Jamon Crisp

Do you remember around October last year, there was this donut craze in Singapore? Sis was still thinking about donuts when we were in Spain. When she saw donuts, she bought it. Never mind if it’s obviously mass produced.


Even if you don’t know Spanish, when you see “1 Gratis”, you somehow know it means “1 Free” and your brain tells you it’s a bargain. Although it’s mass produced, it turned out to be quite nice. Nicer than the some of the ‘premium’ donuts we get in Singapore!


Maybe it’s the ingredients. Spanish flour makes tastier donuts? Spanish chocolate is extra delicious? ;-p


We bought some pastries as well. They smelled so so good and it looked very tempting too. I think it was mum who picked the pastries.


There were other pastries we bought, but we ate them before we took any photos. But I remember I picked this sugar coated cream puff.


When we saw some Magdalenas, Dad said he wants to try it. Sure. We paid for it and went back to our room.


We sat at the hotel balcony enjoying the crisp 18 Celcius air, bright sunshine and this wonderful view of the Malaga mountains.

Malaga Hills

(For those of you who have visited our place in Singapore, doesn’t this view look so similar to what you can see from our apartment? The similarity extends to having a Shell Station in front of our place! What a coincidence!)

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