London: Wong Kei

Where to get cheap food in UK? Chinatown’s the place! Where do people holidaying in UK from South East Asia head to for food that’s similar from home? Chinatown!

There’s Royal China if you want to go for their famous Chinese dishes. But if you are on a tighter budget, or you come from a country where your currency ranges from 2.5 times (Singapore Dollar) or 6 times (Malaysia Ringgit) smaller than the pound, you might want to try Wong Kei.

Wong Kei’s even listed in Time Out as a good budget choice! It’s even more fun reading online reviews about this place. Go google/yahoo it!

My sister in UK hates this place, but mum and I thinks it is ok. It’s famous for being rude, but when we are here, it’s always quite courteous. They even say Hello ok! (Of course there’s no “Huan Yin Kuang Lin” shouts all over like certain shops in Singapore.)

When you sit down, you see lots of students around. Oh, it’s so easy to identify them. Coz we were also the same long long long time ago. (I studied in Melbourne long ago, and this place reminds me places like Nam Loong in Melbourne! haha)

You are promptly ushered a place to sit, upstairs or downstairs (they even wear a t-shirt that says upstairs or downstairs!!) depending on the ‘traffic marshalls’. We got ushered upstairs.

This time when we are here, it’s Sis, Cousin and myself only. Sis wanted to share a bowl of soup. We ordered a bowl of wanton soup. Larges wontons it was.

I had the deep fried pork with salt and pepper. Taste wise, so so. Not the most delicious neither it is the worse tasting. Decent. You got to eat it with the green chilli to give it some kick.

Our cousin seem to have missed chinese food. Without looking at the menu, we asked her what she want. Without thinking, she said “char siu fan”. She arrived in UK 7 days earlier than us. Looks like she misses food at home too! We had to help her. We get meat that’s less than half of this, and sliced super thin. This was chunks. OK, char siu’s here so so, you will enjoy Singapore’s version better. (Think it’s our tastebuds.)

Sis wanted to try all 3 of the ‘shao la’ stuff. The crispy skin roast pork (shao rou), roast meat (cha sao) and roast duck. (shao ya). The duck’s the nicest of the three.

(Shao La is a term we used in Singapore for stalls that sells marinated meat that’s roasted)

We were too full! It costs around £4 each. Total bill for 3 persons all inclusive was nearly £16. We dropped £1 for tips. (I wonder if it’s too little or too much. haha) There was a sticker on the money plate that says something like service charges are not included.

Wong Kei’s located at 41-43 Wardour Street.

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  1. Kim says:

    Great post. Nice photos. The food looks delicious. £4 is a little pricey.

  2. I think they’re not as rude as they used to be. hehe. I also got good service the last time I went there (last year).

  3. keropok says:

    Ya, they have changed it seems 🙂

  4. Puiyee says:

    Think £4 is a bargain! Can’t get anything with that price here in the North…might be an idea when I’m in London next. Seen the restaurant and been told by a Londoner that people are mighty rude inside! LOL

  5. Tony says:

    My mum is originally from Singapore so I know the great cuisine there too! I went to Wong Kei’s last night with my girlfriend. The service was okay, no rudeness really other than a waiter burping as he walked past! The food, however, was not so great. Girlfriend ordered king prawns with rice and I had duck with dry noodles. The king prawn dish had no flavour and after looking at it I could see that I could have cooked a better version at home in 5 mins myself! It was just plain white rice with some spring onion, white onion thrown on top and a few smallish prawns then some clear-looking MSG sauce. That’s it! Nothing tasted very fresh or well cooked and no thought or care was taken in producing it. My dish was similar – just noodles, tiny bits of duck, spring onions and onions fried (slightly burned) together and soaked in dark soy sauce. I could have made it at home myself in 5 mins!

  6. mf says:

    First went there in 1999 – it was … unforgettable!

    Last went there in 2008 – it was not the same anymore…

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