About Keropok.com

Who is this guy who calls himself the Keropokman or keropok man?

The Keropok man currently lives and works in Singapore. He has a normal day job, using his own real name. But when night falls, he morphs into Keropok man. He will then post on his two blogs photos that he takes.


Why Keropok.com?

One fine day, while he was having keropok (crackers), he decided he would like to own the domain name for it. So he bought it!
(That was a long long long time ago, when you can still get the domain names you want easily!)


What’s the other two blogs he has?

Singapore Daily Photo
Where he posts daily, pictures from or about Singapore.

Singapura Daily Makan Photo
Where he posts daily too, pictures of food from or eaten in Singapore.


Then what’s on Keropok.com?

keropok.com will mostly a photoblog of places and food he eats that can’t fit into the two other blogs. It’s like a dumpsite? 🙂 Everything else ends up here.


Do you sell keropok?

Well, he secretly wishes he produces the best keropok in the world.
Read about his fig-sion story here.


Thank you for visiting these sites.

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