About Fig-sion Keropok

Crispy Keropok. Yeah! Do you like it? Kounk kounk, that is the sound of a crispy piece of keropok. Isn’t it lovely?

If you do not understand what is a keropok? (Pronounced, Ker Row Pohk) It is a Malay name of crackers, usually prawn or fish.

If you are overseas and miss keropok a lot, send us email, maybe if we like your reason why we should send you keropok, we will post them to you! How about that?

About Our Keropok

Our crackers are lovingly handmade from the finest and freshest all-natural organic ingredients from South East Asia. Each morning, as the fishermen return from overnight fishing in the South China Seas, our staff personally handpick each fish/prawn/crab for same day processing.

We procure our pepper from the pepper farms that dot the Land of Hornbills, Sarawak.

Our chillies come from the heart of the Cameron highlands.

The Keropok.com Mark of Quality.

Keropok.com has revived the dying art of making authentic crispy crackers that leaves you salivating for more.

The key to the renaissance of the keropok is research and innovation.

Just as Swiss chocolates epitomizes quality, our keropok is synonymous with pure heavenly enjoyment of the ultimate in taste that will titillate your senses.

At a price that does not burn a hole in your pocket, we offer packs in all sizes and customization for special occasions.


Our keropok are such rarity that it is only made for our own personal consumption and enjoyment.

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