KLIA Transit – Super fast train service from KLIA LCCT to KL Sentral

This year, I have made quite a few trips to KL to meet friends and to eat. My last few trips have been on budget airlines from Changi Airport. This post is meant for Budget Travellers who fly AirAsia or Tiger from Singapore to the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) KLIA.

If you fly to KL with AirAsia, you would land at LCCT and that means you have to walk down the ‘steps’ on a moveable staircase from the aircraft’s door. You would then have to walk around 5-8 minutes to the low cost carrier terminal building. I have done this a few times, it’s very easy, you won’t get lost, just follow everyone else! At the LCCT, there are many modes of transport to get you out of the airport.

You can also take a taxi which will cost you quite a bit, which will probably cost more than your air ticket!
Budget travellers will usually take the bus or the express train.

I prefer to take the train because I don’t like to sit on the 1.5 hour long bus ride with no internet connection. (haha, yup, Internet addict!)

If you are taking the train you would still need to take a shuttle bus to the Train Station, but it’s a much shorter, around 20 minute ride. It’s also quite a comfy bus and someone helps you with your luggage. It costs only MYR12.50 (SGD5 / USD4) for the whole ride. The train station to catch the express train is the Salak Tinggi KLIA Transit station. The train portion of the ride comes with free very fast wifi too!

Straight Rails....

View of the tracks from Salak Tinggi KLIA Transit Station.
Love the view of the rail tracks!

The KLIA Transit Train
The KLIA Transit trains are clean, fast and silent!
It’s similar to the HK Airport Express.

A note of difference between the KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit trains.

If you land at the main terminal, the KLIA Ekspres takes only 28 minutes to KL Sentral.
If you land at the LCCT, the KLIA Transit from Salak Tinggi station to KL Sentral takes around 35 minutes. The bus shuttle to Salak Tinggi is around 20 minutes. So the journey is an hour or so, if you don’t miss their schedule.

Free 4G Wifi on the train

Another reason why I like to take the train is the super fast Free Wifi on board.
The train’s managed by YTL. The Malaysian conglomerate that also operates YES 4G, an internet service company in Malaysia that offers very fast internet. Their SSID is super long!!!

Just enter your name and email when a screen pops up when you get connected to their network.
The 35 minutes will pass super fast when you are checking your emails, whatsapp, facebooking etc.

(For techies, most ports on this service is open so you can whatsapp, skype or make VOIP calls using this free service)

KLIA Transit Bus Connection Service - From LCCT

I took a photo of their schedule on my phone and refer to it when I travel.
I don’t want to waste time waiting for the train, so I refer to this timetable.
Let me warn you, they are super punctual, a minute late and the bus leaves!

KLIA Transit Bus Connection Service - To LCCT

Hope you find this useful.


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  1. Yew Kian Wei says:

    Thanks for the info
    very helpful indeed 🙂

  2. ingesz says:

    thanks so much for the info,

    i have a question, where is the area in LCCT to purchase this shuttle bus? because there is so much bus in LCCT i believe

    please more info

  3. Dipashree Das says:


    Thanks for this very useful info. Cleared up a lot of things.
    Please help me understand if I have gotten this right.
    If I land at LCCT, I take the shuttle bus (~20 min) to Salak Tinggi Transit Station. Where in LCCT is the shuttle bus stop? And do i buy the shuttle bus ticket at a counter or on the bus itself?

    Then from Salak Tinggi, I take the KLIA Transit Train (~35 min) to KL Sentral. Where do I buy the train ticket?

    Thanks again!


  4. keropok says:


    The last few times I took them, after arriving from International arrivals, I go to the Domestic Arrivals, the KLIA Transit bus is opposite Domestic Arrivals entrance. You can recognise the bus. There is usually at least 1 person there that can sell you the ticket just before you board it.

  5. keropok says:


    I assume you are arriving at the International Arrivals of the LCCT. Walk over to Domestic Arrivals. The KLIA Transit bus is opposite there, you can recognise the bus. There is someone there who can sell you the bus tickets, usually just at the bus entrance.

    When you get to Salak Tinggi, just get the train tickets from the ticket counter.

    Let’s hope KLIA2 opens soon! (Think it’s May 2014)
    Then people who take the budget flights can just take a train all the way to the city directly without a bus change.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Hi keropok,

    Very handy information! I’m actually planning a return trip from Cameron Highlands to LCCT. Like to check a few things with you please,

    1. At KL Sentral where the KLIA Express station is, where should I purchase the ticket?

    2. And when I buy the ticket, is there an option for me to choose to Selak Tinggi Station?

    3. Can I purchase the shuttle service from Selak Tinggi Stn to LCCT at KL Sentral itself?

    Many thanks!

  7. keropok says:

    Hi Cheryl

    1. You should purchase your tickets at the KLIA Express counter. There are signs, easy to locate.

    2 & 3. Yes, when you buy the tickets, let them know. It comes together. They will give you the train ticket and also the bus ticket at the same time.

  8. tigger says:

    Hey keropok,

    Thanks alot for the information!

    I just want to ask, based on your experience, can we rely on the punctuality of these buses (the one that goes from lcct to selak tinggi station for example)?

    And if im arriving at around 22.30, will there still be any bus from lcct to selak tinggi available?

    Thnks in advance!

  9. keropok says:

    hi tigger

    when i used to take it, it has been 99% punctual. The bus like the KLIA express are one of the most punctual in the whole of Malaysia. So impressed.

    From the table above, there should still be.
    You can check their website if they have the latest table.

    Now we just have to wait for the Malaysian Airport authorities to finish up KLIA2!
    I wonder how long is it going to be delayed further.

    When KLIA2 is done, we can just take the train directly without all these shuttle buses! 😉

  10. Ezer says:

    Hi keropok,

    there’s a question that i want ask you:
    1. from lcct – salak tinggi by KLIA transit bus then after arrived at salak tinggi we continue to kl sentral, is it correct?
    2. the route above is include bus fare and train from lcct – kl sentral the fare is 12,5myr (one way) and return 25myr, is it correct?
    3. where i can get return ticket 22myr (according opinion i got from website)?
    4. according to ur opinion where i must buy the ticket? online or lcct ticket station?
    5. according to ur opinion which one is more convinience using klia transit or skybus provide by air asia (one way fare 9,9myr)

    thank you very much…

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