Rome: Kinder Panecioc

When visiting cities around the world, I love going to the local supermarkets. I turned into a child when I saw the varieties of the ‘Kinder’ products in Rome. In Singapore, we only have Kinder Surprise and Kinder Bueno.

When I saw this pack of Kinder Panecioc, I put it into my shopping basket!

If you living in Malaysia or Singapore, you would know the “Apollo” layer cakes in similar packaging. Just this week, I bought from the supermarket in Singapore, cakes in small little packaging from Kraft’s Oreos. Currently the most advertised and famous brand of chocolate rolls will be London Choco Roll. Their advertisement that has been repeating on TV is driving me insane.

Kinder Panecioc

When you open the packaging, you can see the rolls in clear plastic. The checkered box design looks so cute too! Sis and I both like the taste too. The chocolate flavour taste good. Similar to the chocolate flavour in Kinder Bueno.

Kinder Panecioc

If you have bought London Choco Roll, you know how it sticks to the wrapper, this one doesn’t! The Oreos brand I bought this week sticks worse than London Choco Roll.

Kinder Panecioc

I just hope the suppliers will bring this into Singapore. I did not bring any of them back. I kinda miss it now. Yes, I do miss junk food!

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  1. rinaz says:

    You can has!

  2. I remember that Apollo brand. Somehow, we imported from Malaysia. I think they did have the distributor in Batam

  3. keropok says:

    haha.. you can have lots of it!

    The Apollo thing used to be quite nice when we were little. Now, they taste errrr. I wonder if it’s our taste buds. hehe…

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