California: McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder

Don’t laugh! You know people in Singapore used to be able to order a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. But that was taken away many many years ago, sigh… no quarter pounder in Singapore.

So, whilst on a trip to Los Angeles recently, while on the way to do some outlet shopping, a colleague said we should just eat at McDonald’s to save some time.

I was tempted by the Double Quarter Pounder!

Double Quarter Pounder

When I opened it, ya, it looked normal, but there’s 1/2 pound of meat inside! (double quarter pounder, right?) Of course, the weight is the weight of the meat before cooking.

Double Quarter Pounder

Does the packaging make it sound delicious? Sigh. We are victims of advertising.

Double Quarter Pounder

We ate at Ahaheim. 9 of us from Singapore were grumbling at how unorderly the whole process is. I think not only us, but everyone. (Ahaheim is a tourist town (i.e. Disneyland), so I think only the people working there are locals). If you are used to how efficient ordering a Mac meal is in Singapore, you get totally confused there.

Anyway, one colleague ordered A Fillet O Fish set. She wanted unsalted fries. The order was repeated correctly by the server at the counter. But when the meal was served, it was not what she ordered. The fries were salted. Then we took a look at the special order chit. Guess what, it was written Fish No Salt! “Aiyo!” We were all asking, do they sprinkle salt on Filet O Fish?

Filet O Fish with no salt??

We just left it as it is. Laughed our way off and went shopping!

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  1. Camemberu says:

    Hey I love the quarter pounder! Was very sad when they removed it!!!

  2. Double quarter pounder… doesn’t that make it half pounder?

  3. Dia says:

    i used to work at Mac’s. yeah, they do put salt in Filet O Fish. but very little..

  4. keropok says:

    I think it’s back!


    Recently I went to the Mac Open Doors, we got to see them prepare burgers etc.
    Ya, we realise they add salt too! 🙂

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