London: Golden Pagoda

While in London, we met up with a friend from Australia who has sort of ‘temporary’ plonked herself in London because she was a bit tired of Sydney.

We met up at Chinatown because we wanted to have decent chinese food. Everyone has their own favourite restaurant it seems in Chinatown. Our friend said this restaurant Golden Pagoda’s not bad. But we said, when we looked through the windows, we said, but there’s no Chinese eating there!

She and her ex (yes, she brought her ex to meet us, and we were like huh, we thought you broke off?? that’s private, so not telling you guys here. haha) said, no no… In London, Chinese restaurants have many levels. If you are Chinese, they bring you to maybe to the 2nd or 3rd storey. I think we went to the 3rd storey and oh… it’s all Chinese and you see all the smart looking and well dressed working class Chinese eating here.

We wanted to eat Crispy Aromatic Duck because “A Whiff of Lemongrass“, a blogger friend said we gotta try it, anywhere in London, it’s good… So sis and I told our friend, we want Crispy Aromatic Duck! LOL…

The half duck that we ordered. The duck was presented to us first before it’s shredded. I asked the waiter if I could take a photo of it, he said sure. With the short conversation, we kind of knew where they were from and they knew where we were from. Why? That’s Manglish/Singlish we are speaking. LOL! A Penang guy, a Johor guy and someone from Ang Mo Kio, Singapore.

(Our host was Australian raised Chinese, so she could not really catch what we are talking, when we ‘switched’ our tongue to speak Singlish. hehe)

This is the Crispy Aromatic Duck after being shredded.

Usually the dish does not come with lettuce, but our host says we got to eat it with lettuce so it taste better. So she requested to have some.

The cucumber and spring onions that’s to be wrapped with the hoison sauce and pancake.

The pancakes.

It was a good time to meet up with our friend. Oh, the girls were just gossiping about how come the ex is here etc.. when they have broken up and they look so happy together when they visited us in Singapore just a few months back.

Golden Pagoda’s right in Chinatown. But aunts said most people prefer Four Seasons but she warned that their quality’s not always consistent. Oh well, our duck that night was good.

We ate other stuff too, but we were too busy eating, no photos were taken!

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  1. Camemberu says:

    Yum, crispy duck! Hehe, does gossip make the food taste better?

    And how come they corral all the Chinese upstairs away from the non-Chinese downstairs??? Isn’t that a bit….hmm, discriminatory?

  2. keropok says:

    It’s OK to sit upstairs. The food’s more tailored to Asian taste buds.
    The serving’s larger too it seems. LOL…

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